Sustainability Statement

Exhibition Park is committed to ecologically and environmentally sustainable development for the venue. We have placed particular focus on reducing our environmental impact by pursuing meaningful activities in waste reduction, water conservation and energy efficiency to reduce our venue’s greenhouse emissions.

Waste Management

Exhibition Park encourages recycling around the venue with custom-made recycling bins for food waste, general waste, co-mingled recycling, cardboard and paper.

We also have recycling programs in place for:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Cooking oil
  • Glass
  • Metal.

Exhibition Park also donates excess catered food to the local food service, Yellow Van, a Not-For-Profit organisation. Yellow Van collects and delivers food free of charge to various charities across Canberra.

Through these initiatives we divert over half of our usage of these materials from landfill.

Water Conservation

Exhibition Park has implemented a number of water saving initiatives across the venue, including:

  • Implementation of a storm water harvesting system
  • Installation of rainwater tanks
  • Dual flush systems in toilets
  • Installation of automatic controlled urinal flushing system
  • Use of non potable water for ground irrigation.

Energy Efficiencies

Exhibition Park continues to introduce new energy saving initiatives throughout the venue, including:

  • Solar tube lighting in the venue’s third largest building
  •  Retrofitting lighting of with energy saving tubes and LEDs
  • Programmed maintenance and servicing of heating/cooling systems.

Exhibition Park measures and records the venue’s energy, greenhouse emissions, water consumption and resource efficiency and waste annually.

To find out more please phone (02) 6205 5230 or to email click here.