Don’t miss out on Australia’s largest gaming convention

Cancon returns to EPIC in 2017 from the  27-29  January. If you are remotely interested in board games, card games, miniatures or any other type of table top gaming then you don’t want to miss this event!

There are plenty of activities to do at Australia’s largest gaming convention; you’ll find tournaments, trade stands, secondhand stalls, a stocked games library that is proudly sponsored by The Games Capital, and more.


FREE Entry for the Public to walk in and look around.

Opening from 8:30am each morning for players and spectators.


Friday 27 January

Saturday 28 January

Sunday 29 January


If you would like to help run or organise Cancon 2017, send an email to to discuss how you can help.

Entering an event:

For ticket purchases, please visit:

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