Breakfast Catering

Why not start the day with a networking breakfast? As a cost effective alternative to evening functions breakfasts are popular amongst the busy business person as they offer minimal impact to their day. A meeting at almost any other time disturbs the flow of work and writes off a part of the day. Getting together for breakfast knocks it on the head and leaves you to get on with your business. You get a lot of work done before 9am and for a much smaller bill.”

Breakfast is usually a joyless nibble at a piece of toast and a hastily slurped mug of tea. Some variety from the dreary morning routine is a treat for you and your clients, leaving you to get on with your day with a full belly and sharper wits.

With options starting from a light breakfast, you can build on this to create an individual breakfast menu that suits the style and time constraints of your event.

Suitable venues:

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